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Board of Trustees

Joan Fasanello
Arlene Lippincott
Rev. A. Paul da Silva
Rev. Mark Kehoe
Joseph Kapp

Board of Advisors
Rev. Peter West, Human Life International
Rev. James McGuffey
Leonie Watson, M.D.
Mary Jane Deutsch
Anne Berberich
Loraine Renna
Marie Tasy, NJ Right to Life

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“The Gospel of Life
is to be celebrated above
all in daily living
which should be filled
with self-giving love
for others.
In this way,
our lives will become
a genuine and responsible
acceptance of the
gift of Life
and a heartfelt song
of praise and gratitude
to God"
—John Paul II
Evangelium Vitae

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We follow the example of St Francis when he said, "Preach always, but only when absolutely necessary, use words."






Life Choices, Inc.

The Mission of Life Choices, Inc. is
to promote and help build healthy families by providing medical services that encourage good pre-natal care, material assistance for families in need, mentoring, and encouraging risk-free behavior in youth.

Core Values: Life Choices, Inc is to be a hands-on ministry of concerned individuals guided by Catholic moral principles under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe, spreading the Gospel of Life by providing tangible assistance to those in crisis pregnancy and families in need, educating the public at every opportunity about the miracle of human life, and building a foundation of prayerful support centered on the Holy Eucharist.

“Continue along the path and do not be afraid,
so that the smile of life may triumph on the lips
of all children and their mothers."

– Pope Benedict XVI

Life Choices, Inc. is a 501(c)3 all-volunteer, non-profit
organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Life Choices, Inc. provides confidential, compassionate services to all those in need,
regardlless of age, race, religion and marital status.

Programs and Goals:baby face

· Provide pregnancy testing and ultrasound to encourage life affirming choices and good prenatal care.

· Provide material necessities for families in need (i.e., clothing, diapers, cribs, household needs).
· Volunteers providing advice and counsel  for expectant parents and young families.
· Maintain a book and video library with materials  covering pregnancy, childcare and nutrition.
· Provide Project Rachel counseling for women suffering from the after effects of abortion.

 · Use of media at every opportunity to share the messages of Life.
 · Provide speakers for schools, CCD programs, and other organizations.
  Provide literature on topics involving Life and Chastity.
 · Promote and sponsor Natural Family Planning classes


 · Encourage individuals to offer prayers and sacrifices for Life.
 · Promote and sponsor religious activities at various churches throughout the year.
· Promote the Novena for Life in December in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
 · Organize peaceful and prayerful gatherings at local abortuaries.
 ·  Promoting the sanctity of Life in every way possible

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