Operating Principles

  1. Life Choices will educate the public at every opportunity about the miracle of human life.
  2. Life Choices will spread the gospel of life by providing tangible assistance to women in crisis pregnancy and to young families.
  3. Life Choices’ volunteers will embody a spirit of joy-filled service. 
  4. All services will be provided without fee and to all regardless of faith, race, sex or marital status.
  5. Life Choices will never advise, provide or refer for abortion or abortifacients, regardless of any circumstances.
  6. Life Choices will never advocate contraceptives or contraceptive services.
  7. Life Choices will keep strictly confidential all records and information about individuals served. 
  8. Life Choices will refer any potential adoption cases to a qualified agency.
  9. Life Choices will, whenever possible, assist other non-profit agencies in their Life-affirming endeavors. There will never be too many agencies working to save the unborn.

Use of Funds Guidelines

  1. All donations will be used to further the mission and charitable objectives.

  2. All designated donations will be used for the purposes for which they are given; alternative uses will be negotiated with the donor if necessary due to program or organizational changes. Life Choices, Inc.’s accounting system tracks funds that are restricted or designated for a specific purpose.

  3. Our financial affairs will be conducted in an effective and responsible manner, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and procedures, including following the provisions of this code.

  4. Our administrative and fundraising costs are kept to the minimum necessary to meet Life Choices, Inc.’s objectives.

Donors' Rights Guidelines

  1. All donors are entitled to receive a charitable donation tax receipt. All donations will receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.

  2. Donors will be encouraged to seek independent advice concerning any proposed gift that might significantly affect the donor's financial position, taxable income, or relationship with other family members.

  3. We will not sell, trade or otherwise share any information about donors.

  4. All reasonable efforts will be taken to honor any request by a donor or prospective donor to not be contacted in future fundraising campaigns and all reasonable efforts will be taken to honor any request by a donor to not be contacted at home by telephone or other technology.

  5. Donors and prospective donors are entitled to the following, on request and at no charge:
    Life Choices, Inc.’s most recent annual report;
    Life Choices, Inc.’s most recent Charity Information Return;
    A list of the names of the members of Life Choices, Inc.’s governing Board.

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